《SHITEN chair》
chair design, Oda Collection, exhibited the Milano Salone Fuori, Kyoto and Tokyo

This is an art series called "ORI” which creates multiple dimensions by folding a flat surface. What you see is a chair which represents the multiple-distance technique used in ukiyo-e woodblock printing in traditional Japanese art. Although it is made with steel plate as thin as 2mm, its structure can support the weight of a person sitting down on it. Copyright in Registered Design

installation art, Kyoto and Tokyo JAPAN

A series of art works with Shoin-zukuri, one of the traditional architectural styles in Japan, as its theme. The architectural concept is divided into three parts: partition, cascade and innermost area. Each of them is represented by one piece of art, and displayed in a tokonoma part of a room of a Shoin-zukuri style house (inside gallery space). By moving from one place to another, a viewer would observe the concept of Shoin-zukuri as a moving line in space.

wagashi design, Grand-prix in the Kyogashi Design Award

Traditional Japanese sweets which carry the artistic tradition of the Rinpa School in Japan. It received a grand-prix in a traditional Japanese sweets contest. In traditional Japanese haiku poetry we have the concept of fueki-ryuko which means pursuing something new and different will eventually return us to its eternal value. This sweet in its two layers represents these two elements of fueki-ryuko.

woodblock print, Prize in International Mokuhanga Exhibition

This is a diagonal stripe series. It goes beyond traditional textile expression with the combination of vertical and horizontal threads, and expresses innovation using diagonal stripes. The rich gray color is not based on the combination of black and white, but represents the tasteful Edo period culture called shiju-haccha and hyaku-nezumi (forty-eight brown and one hundred gray) which is the color they enjoyed.

woodblock print, Prize in International Print Triennial Krakow

A woodblock print with a theme of the Rinpa School, which was a significant and historical art movement in the late Momoyama period.

《“ORI” series》
woodblock print and T-shirts

“ORI” series which show multiple-viewpoints and multiple-dimensions learned from ukiyo-e, traditional Japanese woodcut printing

《banana meets toiletpaper》
woodblock print, Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing CHINA

This displays how Chinese erotic woodblock prints are different from those of Japan. I created this print during my study-abroad in Beijing of traditional woodcut printings.

《Tokyo Dango》
architecture dango project

Dango are traditional Japanese sweets made of sticky rice. It is the ultimate finger food which could be either a snack or a meal. It is also a food which carries local flavor. This is a project to create architecture which forms a view of Tokyo by using dango which the climate of Japan produced and which also created the culture of Japan.

workshop, Tokyo University of the Arts

From a workshop on making kaleidoscopes using discarded materials. How beautifully materials recycle when they go in sequence shows the sustainable cycle of recycling. I planned and managed this workshop.

《Read a Book Shelves》

A project of visiting houses to see their book shelves, and illustrating that person’s world I imagine. I have been doing this for almost all my life.

media art, Macromedia Director

Work on an attempt to transform sound into writing. Using Macromedia Director, the four different intonations and syllables of Chinese language in Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching are visualized. It is an attempt at Oto no sho, the writing of sounds.

media art, Macromedia Director

A game of creating one’s own Japanese garden park. The title of the work was named after Sakuteiki which is the oldest book in Japan on gardens.

《Mourning Works》
kinetic installation, blower and control timer

My first artistic creation. Its theme is the “mourning works” which one does when facing his/her death.mixed media, blower and control timer

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